Ea Borre


This machine i made to take the following picture. I was given the challenge to make the artwork for Voks' LP "Astra & Knyst", and i realized i do not work very well with 2D. So this is what happened!

Astra & Knyst

This is the cover for "Astra & Knyst". Learn more about Voks at www.vokskabinet.com


I found this Piano at a fleemarket. What i made, is what is inside. It consist of an arduinoboard, 12 solenoids (electromagnets) and some mechanical devices constructed out of pianowire. Learn more about Arduino here arduino.cc

Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra

This is one solution for Goodiepals Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra, that me and Voks worked out together. It is a 2 oscillator analog synthesizer and a sequencer with 3 seperate timelines. We have also made a second book related to this one, but i do not have any pictures of that.


This is a video taken in my exhibition at Galleri 77m3. The mechanics are powered by three hidden motors. Everything else is made of paper and cardboard.